Sunday Best on a Monday

Here are some ideas to help you dress up for our wedding.

The ladies can wear sundresses or cocktail dresses (or slacks paired with a blouse for some) . You can choose to wear them in single colors or printed patterns, but please keep off the whites—they’re for Hana. 🙂

Our ceremony will be held in a garden, so be sure to wear comfortable flats or wedges so you could move around easily. Also since the wedding’s essentially in Tagaytay, have a jacket or cardigan handy in case the weather turns chilly.

For the gentlemen, a simple long sleeved polo paired with slacks or khakis will do. Pair it with a neck or bow tie if you feel like it. Since it’s Markku’s wedding, sneakers are definitely allowed along with loafers and topsiders; even more formal styles will do. But remember, not all rubber shoes are sneakers, and rubber shoes are strictly not allowed, as Hana would have it.

How to get to Balay Indang

Inlay map.

Balay Indang is a bed & breakfast inn located in Indang, Cavite. It is roughly 15 minutes away from the national highway (Tagaytay main road), reached via the town of Mendez.

And this is the place for our special day. 🙂

To get there, you may refer to the inlay map we’ve included in our invitations. We’re also posting the driving instructions below:

  1. From Manila, take the SLEX and exit at either Santa Rosa or Greenfield.
  2. Drive up to Tagaytay via the Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road.
  3. Follow the main road to Mendez Market, passing by the Tagaytay rotunda, Taal Vista, and Casino Filipino.
  4. Turn right at the Mendez Market intersection.
  5. A long stretch along Mendez Drive will take you to a dead intersection.
  6. Go right and 3km later, you’ll see a wooden gate on your left numbered “88”.
  7. You are now at Balay Indang.

The inlay map illustration is not cartographically exact, but it best describes the route you’ll be taking. For a more correct version, you can use this (or download it in 5500×5500 px full size):

Map to Balay Indang

Lastly, we also have the location pinned on Bing Maps.

See you there!

R.S.V.P. Responses

If you have already received the invitations we’ve been hand–delivering and/or sending out, you’d notice the request for R.S.V.P. responses by the 27th of this month (July). But if you’re already sure about your availability, you may now let us know personally, by phone, or you could also fill out our R.S.V.P. page. A prompt reply from you would help us finalize arrangements sooner, which makes life really awesome! 🙂


Welcome to our wedding blog! We’re tying the knot on August 13 and we’d love to celebrate it with you. The venue is at Balay Indang in Indang, Cavite, with the ceremony at 8:30 in the morning. Just browse around our blog for more details on our special day. Let us know if you’re coming, or just feel free to drop us a note.