Sunday Best on a Monday

Here are some ideas to help you dress up for our wedding.

The ladies can wear sundresses or cocktail dresses (or slacks paired with a blouse for some) . You can choose to wear them in single colors or printed patterns, but please keep off the whites—they’re for Hana. 🙂

Our ceremony will be held in a garden, so be sure to wear comfortable flats or wedges so you could move around easily. Also since the wedding’s essentially in Tagaytay, have a jacket or cardigan handy in case the weather turns chilly.

For the gentlemen, a simple long sleeved polo paired with slacks or khakis will do. Pair it with a neck or bow tie if you feel like it. Since it’s Markku’s wedding, sneakers are definitely allowed along with loafers and topsiders; even more formal styles will do. But remember, not all rubber shoes are sneakers, and rubber shoes are strictly not allowed, as Hana would have it.

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